• 18-01-2020

Your Spanish Lawyer

Your Spanish lawyer will assist you with buying a property in Spain.

You should protect yourself by instructing a lawyer as soon as possible and before to sign anything.

Te buying process in Spain usually starts with a preliminary contract, known as "Contrato Privado de Compraventa". This a private contract of sale where de buyer agrees to buy , and the seller agrees to sell the property.
Usually a deposit of 10% of the purchase price is payable by the buyer.
Having entered into the private contract, the buyer will have time to formalise a mortgage that they may require before they enter into the Title Deeds. (Or prepare the paper works for the Title Deed).
The Title Deeds is signed before a Spanish Notary. You can sign the Title Deeds in person, or arrange a Power or Attorney for someone else.
Your Spanish lawyer, should be able to prepare the power of attorney for you. You can put the power of attorney into effect by signing this in Spain, through the Spanish consulates in the UK, or through a British Notary.
Once the Title Deeds are signed, the balance of the purchase price and the taxes will need to be paid and the transfer of the property registered with the Land Registry.

Once you have found your perfect property in Spain, you need a Spanish Lawyer ready to move forward the buying process and proctect your legal interest.
Instructing an independent English speaking lawyer to provide and reassurance that the legalities are checked on your behalf is essential.

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